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What Realtors Say Stops A Sale

What Realtors Say Will Stop A Sale and a Proposal

Good morning. It’s Friday morning and time for Fan Mail Friday once again. Today, we’re not going to answer a question, although I could have done that. We’re going to address another topic, and that is what realtors say will stop a sale. Now, many of you know, I’m your local we buy houses type guy in the Ocala area. Since I’m also a realtor, I get a lot of realtor type email. There is one blog, webpage, mailer, whatever you want to call it that’s almost universal and that is what will stop the sale of a house.


So indulge me for a moment as I go through the list, and then I’m going to offer you a different opportunity. First off, overpriced. Second, selling without a realtor, FSBO. I don’t know why they take exception to that, but some of them do.
1. No money or effort put into repairs.
2. Not using professional photos, that’s especially true in the digital world today.
3. Being in the house during a showing. That’s crazy in itself. Who wants to listen to complaints or things about your house?
4. Failing to disclose defects. Now, this one, if they are material defects, this will get you into a court as well. So make sure that you do that.
5. No curb appeal.
6. Leaving the house cluttered or dirty.
7. Taking negotiations personally. I mean, now you’re selling your house. It’s a business. It’s not your house anymore. Even though you had a lot of personal memories there, now it’s business once you decide to sell it.
8. Leaving your pets in the house during a showing. I mean, that’s kind of crazy too. All right.

But I’m going to add a couple more that these are usually not on the list of what the realtors put out.
1. Your agent is horrible. Actually, I kind of liked these. It makes my we buy houses job a whole lot easier. If somebody has actually hired an agent who was either poorly trained, just a bad agent or just lazy. So that’s one.
2. They don’t usually mention this, but I see it a lot, and that is your house has obvious, shall we say, “user specific” tastes. Not everybody likes a bright pink enamel wall in a little girl’s bedroom, or avocado colored appliances in the kitchen. But some people do and that’s fine. It’s your house. You can put in it whatever you want. But not everybody’s going to like that.


Right now for my proposal. Why not just skip all that stuff? I mean, just sell your house to a professional home buyer like Rapid Home Deals, your local we buy houses firm, and we’ll just walk in. We can look right through all that stuff. We just walk in, look around, make our notes, come back, make you an offer and put cash in your hand in 14 days. Now, if you’re looking for fast and easy, it’s not going to get any faster and easier than that. So that’s my input today for our Fan Mail Friday your local we buy houses company and we’ll see you again next Friday.

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