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We Buy Houses With Tenants

It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned professional or just had to become a landlord because you couldn’t find a buyer in time, at some point you may eventually face the quintessential “tenant from hell”. They pay rent carelessly late, they damage your property, they don’t return your calls, or they let their kids turn the walls of your property into their personal drawing canvas. Maybe the man of the house uses the walls for his punching bag. So how can you avoid this problem without spending the time and money involved in an eviction? We buy houses with the tenants in place.

we buy houses with tenants
Does this look like you
dealing with your tenants?

What can you do to protect yourself from bad tenants?

First of all, make sure you screen your tenants. We use to do our background checks. The prospective tenant pays MySmartMove directly and then sends us the report.  Many bad actors “self eliminate” themselves once they see the process.  This is the best way to know what the future will hold for you and your new tenant.

Another step to prevent your tenants from damaging your property and peace of mind is to create a written agreement along with your lease. Make a list of any personal rules about your property and have your renters sign it. We also take videos of the rental unit on move in day.  We keep one copy for our files and send one to the tenant. The tenant’s copy comes with a nice note thanking them for doing business with us and reminding them we would like to see the property look like this should they decide to leave. Get everything in writing.

What if the tenant is violating the lease, engaging in criminal activity, or damaging my property?

Make sure you review your lease to see if they are directly violating any clauses in it. If so, you immediately have the legal upper-hand. Talk to your tenant in a calm but firm manner about what they are doing and how you expect the problem resolved. Let them know you are prepared to take legal action and evict them if the behavior isn’t corrected.  In Ocala, Florida situations like this are handled by posting a 7 Day Notice.

The most important thing you can do after notifying your tenants is follow up. If your tenant isn’t paying your rent on time or is breaking some rule in your lease agreement, follow up immediately and continuously until they do. Ring their doorbell day after day until you have your rent or your issue resolved. Show your tenants they are expected to follow your rules. If you don’t have the ability to physically follow up do it through email or phone and keep record of your correspondences. Sending a letter Certified Mail is considered as being served even if they refuse to sign for it. Or you can sell your house fast to a local house buyer.

What if you simply want to be rid of the tenant and the house?

Are you ready to stop putting up with this headache all together? If you are done dealing with the headaches that come with landlording and bad tenants all together you can always sell your house.  Let us take the problem off your hands. Even if your tenants have left your property in desperate need of repairs, we buy houses as-is and give you cash. You can stop wasting your time and energy working with tenants that disrespect you and damage your investment.  

Call us today 352-480-0955, and we’ll make you a quick offer for your property, so you can say goodbye to your nightmare tenants. We buy houses one unit at a time or all at once. We can buy them lease or no lease. Any condition.

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