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Why Should I Sell To An Investor vs Listing

Why Sell To An Investor vs Listing
Speaker 1:
Good morning. It’s Fan Mail Friday, once again, here at Rapid Home Deals. And today we have a question from this seller. And the question is, “Why should I sell to a “we buy houses” type of investor like yourself versus selling with an agent?”

Well, since I’m an agent and an “we buy houses” type of investor, I can answer that question. First off, let’s take the investor side. My favorite side. First off, there is no prep work. Zillow studies showed that the average traditional seller spends about $6,700 getting ready to put their house on the market. It’s probably, mostly painting and stuff like that.

Second it’s fast. It’s simple. There’s no appraisals. There’s no inspections. There’s no bank processing. That type of thing.

Three, it’s flexible. You close on a date that you want to close on. That investor’s not looking to move into your house, so they can close whenever you need to close.

Four, there’s no commissions. A $200,000 house is going to cost you $12,000 in commissions. The average 6% commission.

Number five, no closing costs. On a $200,000 house here in Florida, you’re probably going to pay close to $4,000 in closing costs.

So let’s compare that now to a traditional sale. On a traditional sale, you’re going to spend $7,000 in repairs. You’re going to spend $12,000 in commissions, and you’re going to spend $4,000 in closing costs. That’s $23,000 coming off your sale price of $200,000. And here’s the kicker. You’re not even in control of when you’re going to close. The banks control that. When the bank says they can get done, that’s when you close in a traditional sale.

So, if you like being fast, simple, and saving money on all the commissions and fees, sell to a “we buy houses” type of investor.

All right, that’s it. If you know somebody that has a house that they’re looking to sell, have them call 352-480-0955 or go to our website, rapidhomedeals.com and we’ll see you next Friday.

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