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Fan Mail Friday One Solution

Good morning. This is Carl Mullin with Rapid Home Deals. And I’m here talking to you about another Fan Mail Friday. Sometimes when we buy houses it isn’t a fast sale.

This is one we just had happened recently, and unfortunately we could not help this person, except for one way. The situation was they owed 93,000 on the house, the house would be worth 83,000 all fixed up, but they’d had a tenant in there who literally destroyed the house. The sheet rock was off the walls where the plumbing was, the plumbing pipes had been cut, the bathtub had been removed, they had cut the slab, the entire length of the bathroom, doors missing off the front of the kitchen cabinets. It was just a mess, that’s the only way to describe it. There was no flooring left in the house either, that was another thing. They took all the flooring except for the carpet in one bedroom.

So it was going to take about 46,000 to put that house back in shape for sale and it would take about 20,000 to put it back in shape for turning around and renting it out again. There’s only one solution when you’re that far are underwater, number one, and number two, your repair costs are that high. I mean the repair costs are half the value of the house. So the only situation you have that works in that case is a short sale. We just have to go to the bank and convince the bank that they need to sell this house as is at a very low price, which was going to be very tough. So that is one solution. And then unfortunately, in this case, it’s the only solution. The numbers just didn’t work.

So if you know somebody who’s looking to sell their house quickly, have them call Rapid Home Deals 352-480-0955 or have them go to our website, rapidhomedeals.com. And we’ll see you next Friday.
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