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Fan Mail Friday Taking Over A Mortgage Payment
Speaker 1:
Good morning. It’s Friday again, and welcome to Fan Mail Friday. Today, rather than handling a question from a seller that I got this week, I’m going to do a little history lesson. We buy houses in foreclosure. This particular case, this young lady had a house that was behind three months on her mortgage payments and heading to foreclosure. She didn’t have very much equity in the house. She was being chased by creditors, other than the bank, and she was trying to get away from a boyfriend, so it was quite a situation. That was the situation and here is the solution that we came up with.

First off is, we made up the back payments to stop foreclosure. So that brought her mortgage loan current. The next thing we did was we took over her mortgage payments. And then the third thing we did is we gave her some moving money so she could move and get away from her boyfriend. So that’s what we did.

Now what happened over the next two years is that we made those mortgage payments on time every month, month in and month out, which helped her credit rating. Most people don’t think about that when they’re facing foreclosure and thinking about selling their house, but in this case, that’s what happened. It improved that credit rating over those two years. So basically, we helped her get out of a foreclosure and a personal situation and we also helped her long-term. It’s not your usual type of sale when people think about selling a house quickly , but in this case, it worked for her and it worked well for us as well.

So if you know somebody who’s looking to sell a house, that’s in the same situation, have them call Rapid Home Deals at 352-480-0955, or go to our website,
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