Do I Need A License To Sell My House?

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Good morning. It’s Carl Mullin with Rapid Home Deals, and we are answering another question from sellers just like you. All right. The question was, “Do I need a license to sell my house?” And the answer is, if it’s your house, no. That includes investment properties as well as your personal residence. As long as you are the owner, you can sell it however you choose. Whether it be with a listing with a real estate agent like myself, selling it yourself, putting it online, however you want to do that.

However, if the house does not belong to you, if you do not have your name on the deed, you cannot sell the house for someone else like that because that does require a real estate license. And if you do so, you may very well find yourself getting fined because there are real estate agents out here who will report you to the DBPR here in Florida. Okay. So that’s our question for today. And we’ll see you on the next question. And if you know anybody who is looking to sell their house, have them give me a call at (352)-480-0955, or go to my website,

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