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Cash Buyer Closing Costs – What Are They?

What Closing Costs Do I Have If I Pay Cash | Rapid Home Deals 352-480-0955
Rapid Home Deals is your local cash home buyer. We pay closing costs on all cash sales.
Good morning. It’s Carl Mullin with Rapid Home Deals, and it’s time once again to answer questions from sellers just like you.

All right. The question we have today is what kind of closing costs do I have if I am a cash buyer? Well, that’s interesting. I’m going to read this right off of the Florida as-is contract. All right? The first thing is taxes and recording fees on notes and mortgages. Well, since you’re a cash buyer, there’s going to be no note and there’s going to be no mortgage, so you won’t have any of that. Recording fees for deed and financing statements. All right. Owner’s policy. That’s your title insurance. A survey, a lender’s title policy. Of course, you’re not going to need that either, because you’re paying cash. HOA and condominium association application fees and dues, municipal lien search. That’s part of the title search.

Any kind of appraisal fees. If you want to get an appraisal, that’s going to be on you, although if you’re paying cash, you really don’t require that. Any kind of buyer’s inspections. If you have an attorney involved, you will have to pay the attorney fees. Any property insurance that you put on the policy, I mean, that you put on the property, and that’s pretty much it if you are a cash buyer. A lot of the fees and recordings that have to be done if you are not a cash buyer, if you’re getting a bank loan, have to do with recording the mortgage at the courthouse. And of course, the banks have their own fees for processing loans and all that kind of thing.

So that’s our answer today is if you are a cash buyer, you can save yourself some money. All right. If you know anybody who’s looking to sell a house, have them give me a call at (352) 480-0955, or go to my website, www.rapidhomedeals.com. Rapid Home Deals, your local cash buyer. We can close fast and we can close when you want to.
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