Foreclosure In Ocala Fl – What Sellers Need To Know

One of the biggest nightmares any family can go through it irrespective of the reasons, is when they are about to lose their home. This blog looks at the effect of foreclosure in {market_state] and what local homeowners need to know. First we will look at the effects and the ways of easing them.   How … Continued

FSBO Buying Program

Here’s a special message for every for sale by owner who needs to sell their house, but can’t find a qualified buyer. Hi, my name is Carl Mullin and if you want to succeed in selling your house for fair market value with no big commissions, pay very close attention. Many for sale by owners … Continued

How To Sell A Sinkhole Home

Speaker 1: Good morning. It’s Friday once again, and it’s time for Fan Mail Friday, where we take questions from sellers, just like you. All right, today’s question came from a owner who had a sinkhole on his property and was looking to sell the home because they did not want to live there anymore.…

What Is A Notice To Creditors In Probate?

A Notice To Creditors is one of the first actions taken by a Personal Representative (PR) settling an estate in Probate.  What are the requirements? Florida Statute  states Unless creditors’ claims are otherwise barred by s. 733.710, the personal representative(PR) shall promptly publish a notice to creditors. The notice shall contain; the name of the … Continued

Can I Sell My Inherited House?

What if there is a reverse mortgage? Keep in mind if there is a reverse mortgage on the property you have a limited amount of time to pay off that mortgage. The terms will be spelled out in the note and mortgage. Want to make the selling easy and hassle free? If you have an … Continued

How To Pay For Long Term Care

Author Unknown but too good not to post Rent Your Home Long term To Get Cash Every Month Renting a home to pay for long term care instead of selling it only makes sense if the house is paid off or the mortgage payments are very low. Renting one’s home and using the monthly income … Continued

Probate – Siblings Can’t Agree

Her side is that he lived in the inherited house for years paying no taxes, no insurance and no utilities. She is tired of his freeloading and wants him out so they can sell the house in probate and she can recoup her money.  She has some dental and medical issues she want to take … Continued

What Is A Deficiency Judgment?

Speaker 1: Good morning. It’s Friday once again, and it’s time for Fan Mail Friday. The question we had this week is a corollary from the one week we had last week about the short sale, and that is this: What is a foreclosure deficiency judgment? Well, a deficiency judgment is a ruling made by…

What Are The Steps In Probate?

Hire A Probate Attorney Begin by meeting with a probate lawyer who can help you collect needed documents The two most important are the deceased’s will and death certificate. The attorney can help you be assigned as the Personal Representative (PR) if you are named as such in the will. This gives you the authority … Continued

What Is Summary Administration in Probate?

What Estates Qualify? There are two ways that an estate may qualify for Summary. The first way is when the value of the estate does not exceed $75,000, excluding the value of the decedent’s “homestead.” If the deceased owned a house worth $1,000,000 and has $69,000 in the bank, they are eligible for Florida Summary … Continued

We Buy Houses in Ocala Companies – Are They Credible?

If you’ve been driving around in Ocala, chances are you’ve seen some billboards advertising companies that buy houses. Often times they say things like “We Buy Ocala Houses!” or “Cash For Your House”. Are These “We Buy Houses in Ocala Companies” Credible? How do I know if the local house buying companies out there are honest … Continued

What Is A Short Sale?

Speaker 1: Good morning. It’s Friday and it is time for fan mail Friday, once again, where we answer questions from sellers, just like you. This week, our question comes from a seller whose house was in an estate. And we’re talking to the personal representative who’s trying to handle this estate. It had a…